Patience, friends

One thing I’ve learned from my first two months as a Jazz Blogger is that it’s better to let people know BEFORE you take a week off from posting, like James Hale just did over at Jazz Chronicles.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t prescient enough to realize that buying a new car, fixing my dysfunctional internet connection, starting an internship with Josh Jackson at WBGO and spending the weekends in Western Massachusetts was going to be enough (on top of the writing) to keep me away from the blog for awhile.  Oops.

I’ve got a couple of things in the hopper, but it will be a few more days before Lubricity is up and running again.  In the meantime, go read A Blog Supreme’s rundown of the NPR Music Party last Tuesday, where I met Mr. Jarenwattananon for the first time in a non-internet setting.  He is tall.  And the music was good — although I only saw the first set with Fight the Big Bull and Sexmob.  Watch that space for Patrick’s take on the second set, too.

Or you can follow me on Twitter — I promise I’ll tweet you when the next post hits the Interwebs.

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