Two More Trombonists

As summer begins to wind down, so has my productivity at the Encylcopedia of Jazz Musicians.  I still managed to get two more up this month, though.  Both are individual masters with very personal styles, although those styles are very different.

The first is Vic Dickenson.  Here’s Vic in the famous 1958 Sound of Jazz TV broadcast with Red Allen:

The other is Carl Fontana.  This is him playing one of his signature standards, I Thought About You:

Plug either of these guys into The Google and you’ll get a bunch more great videos of them playing.  Most of the video of Vic is him later in his career, however, and certainly not at his best — both of these musicians are worth a few bucks on downloads as well.  I’d recommend The Great Fontana for Carl and Live at the Roosevelt Grill for Vic.  Read more at the page to see my take on what makes these two so important to the jazz trombone tradition.

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