Going to Montreal!

I was just informed yesterday that a paper proposal I submitted to the McGill Music Graduate Symposium was accepted!  So I’ll be heading to lovely Montreal for the first time next month to talk about rhythmic complexity in Jack Teagarden’s early recorded improvisation.

If you’ve got any good jazz tips for me while I’m there, please do share.  I will be sure to post my thoughts on my first conference paper presentation experience once it goes down next month.  As of now, I am honored to be participating, super excited to present and nervous about paring this down into something that people will actually be willing to sit down and listen to for 20 minutes … wish me luck!

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4 Responses to Going to Montreal!

  1. Jason Parker says:

    Congrats Alex! Definitely hook up with Seb and Justin at http://nextbop.com while you’re there. I’m sure they’ll show you the hot spots.

  2. Josh Jackson says:

    The Montreal Jazz Festival co-founder, Andre Menard, started a club there called L’Astral. It’s on Rue St. Catherine next to the Place des Arts.

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  4. Ryshpan says:

    Local saxophonist Joel Miller is inviting Matt Wilson up that weekend to play at Upstairs (1254 Mackay). There’s a clinic during the day on the 13th.

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