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New Header!

When I started this blog, I chose the title Lubricity for a variety of reasons.  Most important among those was that I felt that it aptly described the ever-shifting state of the music today.  Well, jazz isn’t the only thing … Continue reading

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Big T and the Water Glass

I didn’t realize how much of a reaction I would get to my last post, but I haven’t found anything inspiring to follow it up.  I’m happy to see the negativity of the Teachout debate begin to fade, and to … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Trombonists Past

I promised that I’d follow up my appreciation for Canada with a recap of the Toronto trip and the reason that I went: to look through Joe Showler’s collection of Jack Teagarden materials, living in his old house in the … Continue reading

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Duke’s Bones and More

Six new profiles up at jazz.com — including the famous trombone trio that shaped the Ellington sound in the 1930s. Continue reading

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