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Current Project

Somewhere Else!!!!, an exploration of the deep and strange resonances I have felt making improvised music in Chile, despite growing up on the other side of the planet, with three Chilean collaborators: bassist Pablo Menares, drummer Rodrigo Recabarren, and guitarist Nicolás Vera.

Past Projects and Performances

"Telematic Cyborg Colocation Protocol" premiere performance at The Wilds Beyond Climate Justice, 2020

Deep Listening certification program through the Center for Deep Listening, 2019

"Peñaflor" premiere performance w/ SEM Orchestra, 2017

Los Andes Big Band, co-director and lead trombone, 2016

"Alex Rodríguez and Friends" performances at bluewhale jazz club, Los Angeles, 2015-2016

"Alex Rodríguez Quartet" performances at Thelonious, Lugar de Jazz, Santiago, Chile, 2013-2016

"Schoenberg Jr. High" premiere performance w/ Rodrigo Espinoza, Rodrigo Recabarren, and Nicolás Vera at Low-Fi Chile, 2016

Organized improvisation ensemble opening for John Zorn at UCLA, 2015

"Strawberry Soup: A Don Ellis Portrait", superbone soloist, 2015

Luminous Family Trust, 2008

Zach Hash Trio, 2008