Hello, Bhumi Starship!

At the suggestion of the lovely Bhumisparsha Space Traffic Controller, Jessie Rothkuo, I'm trying on a new routine of doing a little bit of writing at the beginning of my work-days to document and share what I've learned and am learning from my work as an early Core Organizer and now General Coordinator for the Bhumisparsha sangha. If you're reading this and don't know what Bhumisparsha is, please feel free to join one of our ongoing events to learn more about this strange, beautiful world I've been immersing myself in over the past couple of years!

I'm not sure what form this will take, but I figured I'd at least do my writing "out in the open" so that any curious reader could follow along. I imagine that this will take the form of telling stories about things I've experienced in Bhumisparsha as well as reflections on our emerging "operating system" from my perspective as someone who has been involved in many of the discussions and decisions that have shaped where we are now as a community.

One delightful and surprising starting point is the birth of the "Bhumi Starship" as a metaphor—sangha member Sara Legg called it our alter ego—to describe and orient us in shared digital space. Bhumisparsha is the sanskrit word for "touching the earth", so it came as a surprise that our big leap into collective presence came via Zoom and Crowdcast at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. That's all the time I have to write for today, so perhaps I can start with that story next time ...