Somewhere Else!!!! Starts This Weekend

Preparing for the first rehearsal with drummer Rodrigo Recabarren

Close-up of a drumset in blue lighting
Photo by Frankie Lopez / Unsplash

I'm feeling it, y'all ... this weekend, I'll be traveling to New York to start rehearsing for this project with Rodrigo Recabarren. This will be the first chance I have to start these frequencies vibrating in real time outside of my own basement; it feels like it has been a long time coming!

I've also set up a couple of public-facing posts on my Ampled page, so you can get a bit more of a feel of what it means to become a monthly supporter there. Ampled supporters will also be the first to receive a (free) copy of the album when it manifests in physical form, likely sometime next year. My goal is to become an artist-owner on the platform by my birthday in November, which means at least six more people signing up. Are you ready to come along for the ride?

(To those of you already supporting there: my apologies for the double-post!)

In the meantime, here's a great track that Rodrigo co-wrote with guitarist Raimundo Santander, to give you a sense of why I'm stoked for this weekend: