Current Position:

Visiting Lecturer in Music, Wellesley College

Previous Positions:

Part-Time Lecturer, Rutgers University Arts Online

Adjunct Lecturer in Arts and Humanities, Babson College

Visiting Scholar and Director of Jazz Ensembles, Reed College

Teaching Associate in Ethnomusicology, UCLA

Part-Time Lecturer, Rutgers University-Newark

University Courses Taught:

Interactive Sound Art with Electronics, Wellesley College

Electronic and Computer Music, Wellesley College

American Popular Music, Wellesley College

A History of Jazz, Wellesley College

From Jazz to Hip-Hop: African American Music in the 20th Century, Rutgers Arts Online

African American Music, Babson College

Global Pop, Babson College

Music Fundamentals, Rutgers University-Newark

Jazz in American Culture (teaching associate), UCLA

Latin American Music (teaching associate), UCLA

University Ensembles Directed:

Jazz combo program, Reed College

Large jazz ensemble (asst. director), UCLA

Intercultural Improvisation Ensemble (aka Omni-Musicality Group), UCLA